About ANA

ANA Professional Body
Exists as an independent body for championing applied neuroscience, establishing to represent and promote practising neuroscientists and the wider neuroscience workforce in ANA's membership who have the necessary and relevant educational qualifications to practice in their role.

ANA Platform
Enabler for ANA members to create opportunities for collaboration, shared thinking and learning on research projects and events, fostering community in the acceleration of neuroscience research to practice. It includes the ANA Directory of registered members that lets you search for professionals.

ANA Network
Extends an invitation to anyone captivated by neuroscience, with free membership to the ANA Network as an option. Registered members also join a growing global community, committed to continual professional development and accelerating ethical knowledge translation.

ANA Values


Collective intelligence in a global ANA NETWORK


Accelerating evidence-based research to practice, bridging the knowledge translation gap


 Improving people’s lives in prevention and health strategies and lifelong learning


Building ethical practice through an emerging applied neuroscience profession