About ANA

Welcome to ANA! We are a non-profit volunteer organisation with members located worldwide who are passionate about applying neuroscience research to public health practice, education and industry, bridging the gap between the research lab and you! 

The pandemic has meant public health has undergone a resurgence of visibility among the public at large and policy makers. At ANA we believe trustworthy information should be made more accessible and where possible free to everyone. 

Bringing applied neuroscience into the organisations, to schools, healthcare, the home, and general health practice, helping to make the evidence more relevant and actionable to different settings and populations in a responsible and ethical way, and ultimately being an enabler of policy change. 

While facilitating the professional practice of applied neuroscience, playing a role in shaping the profession and promoting ethical practice. Establishing a representative body for applied neuroscience and applied neuroscientists worldwide.

ANA relies on membership subscriptions to support in making this possible, as well as volunteers both in and outside neuroscience, to bring an open and safe experience to you. JOIN US!

ANA Values


Collective intelligence in a global ANA Community


Accelerating evidence-based research to practice, bridging the knowledge gap


Enriching people’s lives in prevention and health strategies and lifelong learning


Building ethical practice through an emerging applied neuroscience profession

ANA Vision


Accelerating Research to Practice

Translating research from the lab to real-world settings
Student Research Platform for hosting, speaking, sounding opinions

Scientific and Academic Integrity

Linking research from different disciplines
Creating opportunities for cross-fertilisation & collaboration (Intra-disciplinary)

Social Impact

Accessibility of research worldwide in an easy to consume way for all
Combating Neuromyths, effecting policy change at national and international levels


Practical Interventions through a Responsible Profession

Applied tools and strategies supporting early Intervention and prevention
Ethically translated from the lab to you so the information is trustworthy

Shaping the Profession

ANA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
Career development (CPD and peer review supervision and opportunities to contribute)

Social Responsibility

Independence, Transparency, Ethical
Diversity, Inclusivity, Accessibility


ANA Community

Global Collective Intelligence that is passionate about neuroscience and its application in real life.
ANA Community goal is to spread access to the latest research, applications, practice, and professionals

Collaboration, Mentoring & Partnership

Science-informed knowledge engaging global communities
Linking learning organisations, professionals, and individuals with research communities and practitioners.

Advocacy & Outreach

Focus groups,surveys, public opinion, consumer research
Conferences, symposiums, summits, talk-series, info-hubs