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Challenging Neuromyths

A neuromyth was described as a “misconception generated by a misunderstanding, a misreading, or a misquoting of facts scientifically established (by brain research) to make a case for the use of brain research in different contexts (OECD, 2002).

Such distortions are frequently proliferated in the media, and while there may be a nugget of truth at their core, they can lead to misinterpretations, wasted time, effort, and money. While negatively affecting people. Worse still, in the case of neuromyths about neurodiversity, they have been shown to increase stigma. 

One of the aims of ANA is to challenge neuromyths when they arise and help increase science informed rigorous understanding of the brain. 


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King’s Entrepreneurship Institute’s flagship King’s20 Accelerator Programme selected ANA as one of the 20 innovative ventures from King’s College London showing the highest potential. We join an outstanding cohort of ventures delivering environmental and social impact alongside job and wealth creation. Nearly one year on and King’s20 has ACCELERATED ANA toward the next phase of seeking sponsorship to build our infrastructure, and initial investment to grow. Thank you King’s20 and to our Members and Partners who support us!