Traditionally neuro-technology is a term used to describe opportunities and applications where technology interfaces with the brain. Either by picking up our brain signals (for example to control a robotic arm), or by using neuro-feedback (for example to help us change the state of our brains). However, as technology advances, the opportunities for neuro-technology are growing too.

How is Neuroscience Currently being used in Technology?

Approximately 20 years ago Dr. Paul Zak and his team discovered that they could predict economic and social behaviours by measuring the levels of Oxytocin in the body.

Through the use of technology, they are now able to get reliable predictors of the neurochemicals in your brain by listening to you heart.

Muse is one example of EEG devices being used in a way that is accessible to the every-day user. The muse device uses advanced signal processing of your brainwaves to interpret your mental activity. This is often presented by sounds of weather. The 7 finely calibrated sensors give users deeper insights into their meditation practice through live bio-feedback.

How do AI and Neuroscience drive eachother forward?