What’s On

ANA will be establishing single or series of talks, articles, videos and podcasts, and host roundtable discussions on hot topics, as well as an annual ANA Conference, where we will hear from the experts including ANA Members and invited guests, talking about the most complex organ in the body: our brain!


Frequently asked questions

How can I keep updated on future ANA events? 

You can keep an eye on our website or we will be regularly sending UPDATES, ANNOUNCEMENTS and ANA MEMBER BENEFITS via email and other forums including DISCORD and WhatsApp. 

Do I have to register to attend? 

Yes, booking is compulsory and easy!

We use EventBrite and other forums including ZOOM and MS TEAMS. Relevant Privacy Policies are available via each platform.

Do I need to be an ANA member to attend? 

No. Our events are open to absolutely everyone! Nevertheless, ANA Events are only made possible with the support of our subscribing members, who have special access to free or discounted events and early bird access. Find out more on how to become an ANA Member and how you can get involved. 

What can I expect when I attend an ANA event? 

Our events cover all aspects of Applied Neuroscience from Neuromarketing to Neuropsychology and A.I. & Neuroscience. Events might run for one hour over a lunch-break, or for half to one day as a Partner Conference event or our own ANA Conference. ANA will issue a call for ANA member speakers with plenty of notice, as well as invite external experts to take part in events. 

A usual format is the speaker presenting for the first half of the event before opening the floor to Q&A and discussion/debate with the audience. We will also be running 15-minute to half-hour ‘lightning talks’ enabling a quick snapshot of latest research and learnings for those who have a busy schedule! 

Attendees are always welcome to ask questions or make a comment during sessions, in person or via the chat (or latterly in a soon to be established Q&A forum on the ANA website). 

All of our events are recorded and made available on our website. Please be aware that if you ask any questions in person, these may be included in our final recording. You can let us know in advance if you would prefer not to be included. 

How can I interact with others watching the event? 

You will be informed about what digital media is available to engage with other people at the event. Such as our Twitter account: @ANAEvents. 

I would like to propose an event or recommend a speaker – what do I do? 

We are always delighted to receive suggestions and ideas for any of our events. Please email a brief synopsis and your speaker suggestions to: ana.events@appliedneuroscienceassociation.com

I would like to join the ANA Speaker Bank or publish an Article, Blog, Video or Podcast on the ANA website – what do I do? 

We always welcome ANA members spreading Neuroscience for social good!  Follow the below links to take part.

All content goes through ANA Editorial, so please be prepared for any questions, and for content not being accepted (if it does not meet stated criteria).

For Speakers:

ABOUT YOU – speaker form 

ABOUT YOUR TALK – event form

For anything else:

WORK WITH ANA – connect for