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JOIN US 11-13 October 2023 Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon at the confluence of Neuroscience and Mental Health with Digital Health, MedTech, DeepTech, Data & A.I.
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Tuesday 14 & Wednesday 15 November 2023


Conduct Change
Conduct Change has invited ANA to Partner on their prestigious annual UAWB Event
We will notify registration details here



A.I. in Research and Networking Event

The Strand London

JOIN US, ANA Members and Guests

Innovation, Insight, Engagement


January 30th 2024




12th March 2024


ANA Open Space Unconference

JOIN US for virtual brainstorming of 8 different neuroscience topics – you can attend one or more sessions based on your interests


Last year was a HUGE success – CHECK OUT HERE:






This year ANA successfully sponsored London-based POS and we are going to do it all over again!

Check out last year’s ‘Beautiful Mind’ events with ANA member and guest speakers:


12th March 2024 SAVE THE DATE!

King’s College London Entrepreneurship Institute
ANA’s 2nd Anniversary
JOIN US: Neuroscience of Entrepreneurship Panel
In conjunction with 
King’s Women Entrepreneurs Network (WEN)



Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Events does ANA run?

You can see from our Event Calendar that we have six annual events including an upcoming Neuro Summit partnering with Broach Reach Global in Lisbon and ANA’s own Unconference in March.

How can I keep updated on future ANA events? 

Watch the ANA Event Calendar and announcements in the ANA Newsletter providing member updates – both are posted here on the website. 

Announcements also come out over ANA socials including the Website. Also ANA Group posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Do I have to register to attend? 

Yes, and booking is easy! We use EventBrite for online events and King’s College London or RSA venues for in-person events.

Do I need to be an ANA member to attend? 

No. Our events are open to everyone! 

ANA Events are made possible with the support of our members, as such they can gain early bird access or reduced rates among other benefits. 

Find out more on how to become an ANA Member. 

Does ANA do anything else?

ANA has an establishing Podcast and Talk Series on our YouTube Channel

ANA members have set up in-person local meet-ups for food & conversation, so far in London on the first Wednesday of every month. 

Details will be on ANA Socials.

What can I expect when I attend an ANA event? 

Our events cover all aspects of Applied Neuroscience. Events might run for one hour over a lunch-break, or for half to one day as an ANA or Partner event either in-person or online. ANA will issue a call for member speakers with plenty of notice, as well as invite external experts to take part.

How can I interact with others watching the event? 

You will be informed about what digital media is available to engage with other people at the event. Such as our Twitter account: @AppNeuroAssoc

I would like to propose an event or recommend a speaker – what do I do? 

We are always delighted to receive suggestions and ideas for any of our events. Please email your speaker suggestion(s) and brief BIO(s) to info@appliedneuroscienceassociation.com

I would like to join the ANA Speaker Bank or publish an Article, Blog, Video or Podcast on the ANA Website or YouTube channel – what do I do? 

Join ANA if not already a member and follow the links below to take part. All content goes through ANA Editorial, so please be prepared for any questions. Content may be declined from time to time.


If you’d like to be added to the speaker library or recommend a speaker(s):

ABOUT YOU – speaker form 

ABOUT YOUR TALK – event form


If you’d like to volunteer for ANA:

WORK WITH ANA – contact form