Organisational Neuroscience

Organisational Neuroscience is an emerging research domain that integrates management, leadership and organisational behaviour with neuroscience. Such as the study of social-cognitive phenomena in organisational contexts, rooted in social neuroscience (social psychology and neuroscience). Marketing and economics have also turned to neuroscience to understand better human behaviour in an organisational setting via its neural (brain) origins.

Neuroimaging and biofeedback are direct measures of cognitive activity in the brain (fMRI, EEG) and indirect measures in the body include hormonal and electrodermal. The direct measure examples are drawn from the broader field of psychophysiology, exacting insights into cognitive functions that originate in the brain. 

As organisational neuroscience comes into existence, many existing resources that underpin its principles and standards are drawn from outside disciplines, intending to inform the integration of neuroscientific theory and research into the management and leadership field.