ANA Community

ANA Community abides by the ANA CODE and ANA TERMS OF USE

Membership subscriptions, from Affiliate to Full-member, enable us to provide benefits and resources for members in a collaborative and safe learning space.

ANA Community includes the ANA Global Council, ANA Committees, ANA Advisory Council, and also ANA country representatives as a global presence. Proactive collaboration and networking among these groups will be fundamental to the Community and ANA’s success.

Listening to and acting on input from the different parts of the community will also be critical. This includes special interest groups and focus groups, as well as external representatives who bring a depth and breadth of interdisciplinary views, ideas, and solutions for growing and developing the representative body that is the Applied Neuroscience Association.

Please be aware of ANA PRIVACY POLICY and ANA FEEDBACK to help us achieve continuous improvement, assuring transparency and accountability.